One app that has been garnering a huge deal of attention across the internet is Vidmate. The app is not just a lay video downloader; it comes with enhanced functionalities as a music curator, app store and more. But there are so many more features that are somewhat hidden from view. People tend to miss out on the app’s file encryption facilities, localization features and more. So I thought I’d say something about these, and put the ball in your court if you’d want to find out more about any of these. So, here goes…Vidmate's Pro Features

  1. Vidmate’s File Vault
    Vidmate Download is capable of saving your files safely away from prying eyes. This is a boon for parents who don’t want their kids looking at age inappropriate material like warzone violence. The app makes it very easy to hide files. All you need to do is set up a pass code and import your files from the device to the app. The files will be transferred and not be viewable from anywhere outside the app. Only when you enter the pass code, you will be able to view them.
  2. Localized results
    Vidmate’s developers probably recognized that not everyone would want the results from the same country. The app has a wide audience, and so the content offered is localized to suit the needs of most people. By default, the location is set to your country. You can modify it to other places, including Brazil, Indonesia etc.
  3. Meme Making
    looking at how memes are all the rage, it is no surprise Vidmate wanted in on the phenomenon. Vidmate lets you upload a funny pic of your choice and make it funnier using text captions. The app is all the rage among page managers. The best thing about the app’s meme functionalities is the amount of control you get to exercise over it.

These were some wonderful features for Vidmate with Pro capacities. Like it? Be sure to share this with your friends.

Garageband is the ultimate solution for the people who love music and musical instruments. Traditionally, a recording studio or workstation and a set of big sized musical instruments would do the job of creating and recording music. But now, Garageband for Windows has changed it all. You won’t need a dedicated workstation, not even a studio or instruments, the only thing that you’ll need is an apple device and one single application i.e. Garageband. With this application you can create, record and edit your music the way you want to.

garageband for windows

Easy to use touch enabled musical instruments, amazing effects and features, over 250 loops and a set of 8 tracks for recording and mixing your music is all what you get in this single application. Now, music creation is a walk in the park. Be it your office, be it a metro or be it the market, it doesn’t matter where you are, you can create your music wherever and whenever you want to.


Music Creation


The recent update by apple has added few new amazing features such as drummer and live loops. Before the update, the application wasn’t meant for electronic music lovers, but the addition of live loops has changed it all. So if you’re someone who’s more of electronic music, Garageband’s live loops feature is just the right thing for you. Drummer on the other hand enhances your music by adding your desired beats with eight drummer sections. On top of all that, the touch enabled instruments makes it easier to create music by just a tap. Be it electronic and acoustic guitar or be it a piano, this application has almost all the types of musical instruments.


Audio Recording


You can also record your music with the help of this application. There’s a dedicated feature in this app for the same purpose i.e. Music Memos. It is a single button tap feature which helps you in recording your audio and music, recognize the important ingredients and synchronize it at the end. Also, with the recent update, the app now supports Audiobus, which lets you add effects and sounds from third party apps and push the music into your Garageband tracks. So, recording studios and workstations are now a thing of the past, now you can have a whole studio in your pocket with the help of Garageband’s audio recording feature.


Hi Folks, today we are going to learn two different methods for installing KIKon PC. I am sure you must know about KIK, that’s why you have landed on this page.


KIK is the top instant messaging app in the market. What I love most about smart phone is the instant messaging! Before messengers, we had to wait for a few seconds to get text messages. But messengers opened new dimensions of instant communication. Right now, the market is saturated with hundreds of messengers. But few of them worth to check. For example, Whatsapp , WeChat and KIK.


But I am only going to discuss KIK here. In this article, I will explain its features and different methods to install it on PC.

KIK was presented in 2009 by its developers. Within fifteen days, it was flying. Users got mad about KIK in a few days. Over one million registered for the app in fifteen days only. It was enough to explain how much it is popular among users.


In year 2009, the idea of instant messaging was not much prevalent. That’s why when KIK was introduced. It created huge buzz among the users. The reason for such buzz was awesome features. Check below its main features:

  • Users just adore the simple and unique interface of KIK Messengers. They get familiar with application instantly.
  • You can send texts, images, videos, voice notes and much more instantly using KIK.
  • You need to register for getting a username and password. It is essential for Online KIK login.
  • You invite your friends and family for using KIK. You may send invitations through texts, email or social sites.
  • The instant messaging on KIK is absolutely secure and safe.
  • It has notification function to notify about send, read and delivered.
  • It is an open source application and anyone can use it.

Download KIK On PC:

Follow these steps for downloading KIK on PC:

  • Download and install the Bluestacks on the PC.
  • Once its installation is complete, open up the emulator.
  • In the search bar, look for “KIK”.
  • Install the app.
  • Now do online KIK login to use the application.

Download KIK APK On PC:

This is an alternate method for installing KIK on PC.

  • Download and install Bluestacks on PC.
  • Download KIK APK from trusted source.
  • Once the download is complete, double click on the APK.
  • Bluestacks will automatically install the KIK on PC.
  • That’s it!

You must know what Zapya is that’s why you are on this post. Zapya is one of the leading file-sharing the app in the market. Before Zapya, no one ever thought file transfer will be that easy.

Zapya is the specialized application that was developed for best file transfer experience. Before Zapya, you must have use USB data cable or Bluetooth for file transfer. When a single image or a song has to send through Bluetooth, the process is easy. But when it comes to HD movies or playlist of songs, Bluetooth is going to take forever. Then why not using an application to speed up a process.


That’s why developers built an amazing file sharing app known as Zapya. So what makes this application a special one? Honestly, there are plenty of features which makes it the best file sharing app.

So let’s start discussing them. First of all, it does not use traditional technology for file transfer. It only uses Wi-fi technology of both devices for file sharing. People get confused about Wi-fi usage. Don’t be afraid, it only utilizes Wi-fi technology, but not actual data traffic. That’s why it is so fast. It is 200 times faster than Bluetooth. It means sending an HD movies will be the matter of few minutes. Another amazing feature is an installation of multiple devices. You can easily install it on PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Now here comes my favorite part. It is supported by every single platform. It means it will be run smoothly on Windows, Android, iOS, etc. Before Zapya, I never thought that cross-platform file transfer will be possible. But Zapya did it. And the best part, all these feature for free of cost. It is an open source application, and anyone can use it.

Download Zapya For PC:

In this part, I am going to explain how to download Zapya on PC.

Just follow the simple step explained below:

  • First of all, install the Bluestacks(Android Emulator) on the PC.
  • Once the installation is complete. Open up the emulator.
  • From the search bar, insert term “Zapya”.
  • Now click on the install and you are done!
  • Now keep enjoying file transfer!


Most of the bloggers do not know how to add audio songs or playlist on their wordpress website. Usually bloggers who run music website use wordpress plugins to add music to their websites.

But in this guide I am gonna show you how you can add audio songs playlist without using any third party plug in.

Add songs playlist to WordPress

The thing to remember is that wordpress only supports MP3, WAV and OGG as music format. So before proceeding you must have songs in these three music formats.

So let’s start the guide on how to add audio songs playlist in wordpress:

  • First thing to do is collecting all songs you want to add. Make sure they are in above cited music formats.
  • After that, just login to your wordpress account using your username and password.
  • Now create seo friendly post with appropriate title and body about that song.
  • Now you need to click on Add Media Here you can select all the music files you want to post in your post.
  • Once you are finished with adding audio files, now you have to click on Create Audio Playlist in the same window. Select all the songs you want in this playlist.
  • Next thing is to write down details about playlist like Album name, Artist name and caption etc. Once you are done, just click on Create a new Playlist.
  • You can also arrange songs in order you want. You may add image to each song.
  • After that, you need to click on Insert audio Playlist Your playlist will be added on your post.
  • It is good practice to review your post before publishing. In this way, you can add information which is missing.

I am hoping this guide will be really helpful to the blogger seeking ways to add songs playlist in their wordpress post. You can comment below and share your views about this post.

Ads can make anybody frustrated on any device. Same problem is faced by users of HTC Blinkfeed. It is really annoying to see ads popping up again and again.

Mostly users of HTC Blinkfeed have no idea about disabling the ads. So here is the guide which will make you learn how to disable ads on your HTC Blinkfeed. It is pretty easy and anyone can do this easily.

Ads get a lot of attention, most of the time it is not under control. Ads can make you distracted immediately whenever you doing something very important on your smartphone. In that case, this tutorial will be real treat for you.

Disable ads for HTC blinkfeed

So without any further delay, let’s learn how to disable ads on your HTC Blinkfeed.

  • First of all, you need to grab your HTC Blinkfeed and swiping to the right.
  • Next thing to do is tapping on three dots showing on top right corner.
  • Afterwards just tap on Settings from menu.
  • Next you have to scroll down in settings menu. You will see customize section and just tap on Manage Ads.
  • In the end you just need to check this option “Turn Off Interest Based ads”.
  • This was it, simple steps and you will get rid of annoying ads.

Now you don’t need to encounter these annoying ads popping up continuously on your HTC Blinkfeed. Like you, there a lot of users of HTC Blinkfeed who are getting frustrated with these ads. So please keep them out of this misery. Please share this simple guide on your social profiles, so that a lot of people can use HTC Blinkfeed more smoothly as it should be.

If you have any query in mind, feel free to ask. We will get back to your queries soon. You can comment below for leaving your humble feedbacks.

The world of gaming has surpassed the thin line that separates it from the reality. The developers have turned the quality up on the immersing graphics, obsessively real storylines, engaging modes of game play and addicting multiplayer options. As more and more people are taken sick by the gaming fever, it begins imperative for the laptop world to make ready a laptop that can live up to their tastes and expectations. And the Alienware ANW157493SLV Powerful 15.6″ Laptop is your secret escape to the world of thrilling and jaw-dropping games. This latest Alienware rig has everything a real time gamer would aspire for and stands true to the reputation of Alienware gaming laptops.
The rig has a 4th Gen Intel Core Core i7-4710HQ processor as its muscle centre, complemented with a 6 MB cache and a 3.5 GHz clock speed, sufficient enough to put to shame all other contemporary laptops we have seen. Now let us drop the curtains on what makes it the stellar graphic laptop it is, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX970M card with a 16GB DDR3L memory stick. The ability of this graphic card and the processor to deliver high definition video quality and a consuming frame per second rate will make you forget the outside world. The plethora of games that it can support with ease will only add to the grandeur of this Alienware laptop. With this 3 GB dedicated video memory, all you need is pizza and coffee and electricity off course.


The other features have been properly taken care of in this laptop as well. Take for example the sumptuous disk space, a 1TB Hard Drive and a 256 GB solid state drive. An impressive 9-in-1 media reader adorns the sides of this slick looking laptop with a body you can proudly boast off about with your friends. The 4 USB 3.0 ports, a built in 2*2 Killer wireless LAN, Ethernet and a Bluetooth 4.0 interface take care of their respective departments like sheer professionals.


Moving on to the display, if there were a speck of shortcoming with the above arrangement, it is comfortably removed by this crystal display that has a resolution of 3840*2160 pixels, with a pixel density you had erstwhile imagined in your dreams. On the front panel, a webcam is appropriately placed which is capable of recording high resolution videos and supporting video calls without any glitch.


The 8-cell Lithium Ion battery will be able to last more than 7 hours of gaming, something that must be respected because we all have heard of the perils of battery performance in this segment. And the Klipsch audio technology is just what you needed to hear every sound true to its note.


The lighting zones on the tablet can be customized with the colour of your choice and different modes like blink mode. Thus, the looks are sure to blow your soul away.



With all these features, you cannot expect this to be on a budget purchase. This Alienware rig is priced at $2399.99; yeah that is a big hole in your pocket. But with a laptop like that, we doubt you’re going to need anything else at all.